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Halloween in St. Maarten

I guess the subject should read Halloween in St. Martin not St. Maarten.
We went to the French side to see a Halloween celebration in the square at Marigot last night.
The French side St. Martin is spelled just like that..St. Martin, but the Dutch side is spelled St. Maarten.
Since I live on the Dutch side, the Dutch spelling is what I am accustomed to using.
There really should be one spelling for the whole island I think. It would be so much easier.

When I first arrived on this island , there were little or no Halloween celebrations.
 That disappointed me because it was always one of my favorite holidays. Then when I had  my daughter, I wanted to teach her what Halloween was all about.
 An American family moved in above us and we all would paint our kids up and take them trick or treating in the neighborhood. My Swiss girlfriend even joined in with her son.
We were a few in numbers but our spirit was huge.
One year, when Erika was about 11, I think, we even had a Halloween party in the house. We invited about 25 kids and 50 showed up. It was great fun though and the talk of the island among the schoolchildren.

Eventually we started hearing more and more about Halloween. I remember that Pinocchio's Restaurant in Philipsburg used to have these fabulous Halloween parties. These were for the big folks, of course, and it was always packed.
Big folks love Halloween and dressing up as much as little folks. Some of the costumes in those days were wonderful. My DH once went to one of those parties dressed as... you guessed it... a KING.
And I was ..what else??... a WITCH.
Now I see that most of the bars on the island have Halloween parties. It has become quite a popular celebration.
The children do not do much trick or treating here..probably none.. but they have school parties and other ways to enjoy....like the celebration last night in Marigot.

The square was packed.


They had a stage show with various acts, which was not so good, but no one seemed to mind. Most of the acts were children.




The children in the crowd were dressed up and were absolutely adorable.








Even some of the adults got in the spirit and donned their costumes.


It was a lot of fun and brought back great memories of my Halloween celebrations in the States, some of which were not always so innocent.. maybe I would say mischievous instead?? 

So Happy Halloween to all of you. The actual day is of course this Wednesday but we start our celebrating early .







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Oct. 29th, 2007 01:07 pm (UTC)
I see that Roland traded his straw hat for a turban !... that's a first LOL! We are so isolated in our remote area of Oyster pond that I wasn't even aware there were some activities in Marigot ... Dam! we missed it. Hopefully next year!
Thanks for sharing Barbara, Take care,
Oct. 29th, 2007 02:14 pm (UTC)
You recognized Roland, eh?
too funny, right?
I snuck that picture in when he wasn't looking.
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